Are we connected since the beginning?

We all know the famous Pyramids of Giza, it is the oldest of the seven wonders and remains largely intact. Do you know that there are various such pyramids around the world that are actually very similar to the ones in Egypt? 

Even the ‘swastika’ symbol was used widely by powerful families residing in Eurasia, the motif (a hooked cross) appears to have first been used in Neolithic Eurasia, perhaps representing the movement of the sun through the sky. Swastika is used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, representing ‘good fortune’ and is a symbol of good energy. Why is it that people believed in God all across the globe and each of the deities are believed to be immortal and more powerful than us? Most of the religions also had priests in their places of worships, why? Was it an inbuilt system in us that led us to have similar thoughts like the rest?

There are many words in different languages that start from the same letter or sound similar and even mean the same thing…like maa (hindi), mata (Sanskrit), mother (english), mutter (german); sun (english), sooraj (hindi), sol (Danish), solis (Latin); nabij (Dutch), near (english), nazdeek (roman urdu, hindi); there are so many other examples…

This is not a basic research conclusion, but from what I have seen and noticed, there are various things that lead us to think that we are similar in many ways. Might it be the western countries or might it be the eastern countries, there are many similarities amongst us. New scientific studies shows that many ancient texts, philosophies, and even religions have been stating for thousands of years that there is an unseen connection between the human beings.

We all agree that we can not see the radio and Television waves, but we are able to hear the sounds and even see the images when these signals reach the receiving devices in our homes. Most of us have experienced some kind of a connection…we think of someone out of the blue, and then out of nowhere the phone starts ringing. We even think that a black cat crossing our path is believed to bring bad luck (some believe keeping black cat brings good luck, but we are still associating to a cat, aren’t we?). There are many other beliefs such as this one that tends to bring good luck or bad, but in the end we do believe in such things don’t we?

Our body is said to be sending off small vibrations all around us. There are various theories that say each and every particle has its own vibration and the Law of vibration states that in this Universe, everything moves and vibrates at one speed or the another and we are present in an ocean of energy field. So is this why we were/are able to think similar and build similar? I do think so, it could be possible.

It is a wonder that we see similar shapes and constructions all around the world. We might be living in a sea of energy waves, both positive and negative and doing our daily activities without giving this though even a minute. Nobody has been able to explain why we have such common mentality, we only have the ancient scripts and scientific theories to prove this, but it is still not widely considered. It is overwhelming to know that since stone age we were gifted with the ability to perceive our world and change it, while the other living species are nothing like us.

People are now discovering the planets and stars properly with technology, but it had been already discovered long time back by various civilizations (like Mesopotamians and Indian Philosophers/mathematicians, Greeks), it is the only answer for why we even have Zodiac signs in the first place. We already have the knowledge of Days, Months, Years and time, but even that is the heritage we have received from our ancestors, each religion has its own calendar which is pretty similar in many aspects (Looking at the system of segregation).

We cannot really define how, nobody has the proof of it even if they claim that they can, but the fact remains, Our Thinking Is Similar In Many Ways.


11 thoughts on “Are we connected since the beginning?

  1. Yes, we could be, there could be something greater than all of us, a supernatural power, if you may.
    We do, however, need some proof other than the fact that we can feel it. Nice blog, very nice subject, open to debate.
    Keep up the good work.

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  2. In Malayalam the word for mother is Amma and many English speaking people use mama as an alternativet for mother. Sun is surya in Sanskrit. I think these words also fit well into your list. And you are right, there are many words like that.

    I think the various religions have much in common. It is where they meet that I have the most interest. It seems to me that truth is most likely to reside there. The differences are more likely to be dogma.


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