Finally found the way to immortality!

“Congratulations everyone! We have finally succeeded in finding our way towards immortality.” 


This is what I read when I woke up one day still groggy with sleep, I thought it was just some vague article/advertisement, but it wasn’t! It was printed in bold letters on the front page of the newspaper, I read further with shock and astonishment, “Our scientists have worked vigorously, day and night to achieve this feat. Please support this cause and spread this news to your friends and family, it is a big step for humanity.”  I snatched it away from the side desk kept beside my bed and ran straight to my parents in the dinning room. I remember shouting, “Did you see what is written here? WE can be immortal!”

My brother who is just 14, chuckled at that and patted me with a mocking gesture, I still don’t remember where he suddenly came from, he must have been there, but in my excitement, I only saw my smiling parents. Soon I realized their smile wasn’t kind, it was more of a mischievous smirk. I looked at them with confusion and reread the article,

“…This report is a fake, no offence to anyone. It’s April fool’s day!”

As soon as I read this, I turned red with embarrassment and laughed at my own stupidity. And I didn’t miss it out when my family laughed at me too, but not rudely, it was their plan to keep the newspaper article just besides my bed all along. Later that day I tried to take revenge, but it wasn’t as epic as was theirs.

But on a serious note, ‘What if we really did find the way towards immortality?’

Researchers have come to a conclusion that with the help of artificial intelligence and biotechnology, we can really become immortal if we can do the either options, (A) Alter our DNA to stop ageing process, (B) Create nano-sized robotic devices, it is predicted that these devices will progress to be used within the body to maintain perfect health and youth, (C) We become cyborgs. If we become immortal, we can live forever, with our loved ones. Nobody will die and nobody will suffer, nobody would have to struggle to stay healthy and nobody would have to worry about making a career since we would have a lot of time with us, a lot of time to either make the world a better place to live or waste it. We will be able to do various space and earth explorations and never worry about dying. What about overpopulation? Nah! Who cares about that, we would live happily ever after and forever right? Right?

What I have to say.

Have you ever seen a flower carefully? At first the plant grows, then it buds, then it blooms and then finally dies. What is it’s life? A day? A week? But when it blooms, it is worth watching and caring for.


We are like a flower, we grow up, we struggle, we find success and then we finally grow old and die, but that is life people. Time is said to stay for none, but it is what defines us. Good or bad, time and life go hand in hand. Nothing good stays for long and neither does the bad.

Care for your loved ones in the time you have got and live it to the fullest, watch how interesting and worthwhile it will be.

Cheers to life!







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