How Unlucky I Am…

People often say that they are unlucky and I can’t agree less with them…


There was one incident when I was looking for my examination classroom during my boards. My room no. was 409, I found the halls 408 and 410, but only mine was missing. Later I found out that actually the class was shifted on the fifth floor due to some faulty issues of the previous classroom and just because of that I arrived late for the Maths test (It was the most difficult subject for me and the most lengthy one).

Since childhood days, I have paid attention to myself carefully; I must be 6 or 5 years old, when I went to play outside with my cute little friends. An old lady (One of my neighbors) was distributing chocolates as it was her granddaughter’s birthday, everyone got the chocolates, but when it came to me, I got two candies (That’s it) as all her chocolates had been distributed. I even remember the day when I was going to get a certificate for my participation in school, everyone got theirs, but when it came to me (I worked the most!) they said the certificate somehow wasn’t signed by the principal and would have to be sent back to her again, in the end they never gave me one, even though I reminded them (Must have forgotten…?).

That is not it people, when I was going somewhere with my father, probably for an interview, I remember that we got into a huge traffic jam and on that road which was actually less used, it was a panic movement for me. I have also noticed, that wherever I go, either my plan fails, what I want doesn’t happens or even if it does, there always occurs some or the other obstacle to be tackled. Like when I was just waiting for my turn in a store (For billing), everybody got their works done but when it came to me, the cash machine got stuck and I had to stand for an hour! And one time I was in a party, everybody got a chance to gift the bride (My own cousin) on her wedding day, and when my turn came, the camera man came out from nowhere and started clicking the bride’s pictures, I was left standing there with a gift in my hands, embarrassed.

But you know what I learned from it?

Life is full of ups and downs and it is never fair, but we humans have this tendency to actually remember only those things that were bad, because they leave a permanent impression on us. Luck is of course there, it has a major role in our life, but nobody gets all the good without actually going through the bad first. In the start I spoke about my hall no. 409, actually that was the only room in the entire campus which had a working Air Conditioner and a furnished room. Now the incident with the candies…the old lady came to my house later and dropped off a bunch of candies, I even got to eat the birthday cake later! Then the incident of reaching late to the interview, I was lucky that it started late and I was actually the first one to reach there.

I cannot explain the certificate incident nor some of the rest that made me think I was unlucky, but when I observe ‘Life’ closely, I realize that it’s not only me who is unlucky, but there are several others like me. People also say that they are not talented like the rest or they aren’t beautiful, but I believe that they have some other hidden talents which is just waiting to be explored and about beauty? Well…a beautiful heart is all that it takes to prove themselves.

J.K.Rowling for example struggled a lot to get her work published (so many refused her work), she didn’t even have enough money to actually buy a note book to write in, she must have been thinking at that time that she was unlucky, but look how popular and loved she is now.

Fate works for us which is what I believe, if something is not to happen, then it won’t however we struggle, but whatever happens, it happens for the best.

So don’t stress, do your best and forget the rest.

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Please do tell me if you faced such problems yourself, what is your story?


11 thoughts on “How Unlucky I Am…

  1. Loved what you have written Prathama….. you express so beautifully….. I hope the certificate thing didn’t happen when I was around!! I also firmly believe that what ever happens… happens for the best…. we only get to see the consequences later…… so lots of love and best wishes to you…. keep writing…. keep smiling …. stay blessed!!

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    1. Thank you ma’am for your such loving support. I feel very happy hearing you words, it makes me feel blessed. Your support makes me confident and I will never forget you. And I have even written a fiction novel, soon it will be published, so please give me your blessings for that. And don’t worry about the certificate ma’am, it didn’t happen when you were around.


  2. Redeeming Luv Greetings to you, prathmasingh!

    Thanks for liking my post.
    Sorry I could not make it back to the Community before comments closed. I enjoyed reading your post from start to finish. Keep on writing, my friend.

    I have a friendly assignment for you though, and it is better than candies. (smile) Assighment: Repeat as often as possible each day for at least seven days:- I am not unlucky: rather I am fortunate and abundantly blessed.

    God bless.

    Redeeming Luv

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    1. Thanks a lot, this was something I thought as a child, but now I know there is no such things. I am lucky, as people are acknowledging my work and even liking it, like you just liked it. So now I think I am lucky. I have even written other posts, so please read that too. Your support and blessings make my baby steps more confident, so please keep supporting me.


      1. Yes, my Friend, I will. I know that you are a person of substance, you are successful, and progressively you will overcome all the so called hurdles … because you have already started to seem them as challenges. So take on the challenges, keep your focus and launch out into writing +, for your victory is sure. Remember to involve God in all that you do. God bless you.

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    2. And I wanted to add that I want to write such words which can even influence the worst of people, and make them see the light at the edge of the tunnel. I want to save this world, I want life to be full of love and peace. I know changing world is a far fetched thought, but words have the power to do that, and I have heard that people crazy enough to think such thoughts are the only ones who do so. Thanks a lot again for your kind support.


      1. I wish you the same, my Friend. Having said what you want, your thoughts have gone forth, but will return and materialize itself, provided that you walk the walk. To change the world, you first must become the change. The world within you must first change, and when it does, it is because your mindset has been changed by the power of God, and therefore you have a new outlook to life, for example, to change the world; if that is what you really want to do.

        In your world within there mut be no hatred for anyone, neither grudge, malice, strife, greed, envy etc, but it must be filled wisdom ,love, joy, peace, faith, patience, meekness from above; and all these cannot be gained without a trial of your faith. May God grant you the desires of your heart.
        God bless you.

        Redeeming Luv

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