They exist, yet many can’t see them.

Just yesterday, I went to a Mall, on the day of my 20th birthday. There was a lot of crowd on the road as it was a ‘Saturday’, but my father was adamant on making my day special, so we left our dear little comfy house to make it to the mall on time. After a lot of honking and traffic, we finally reached the mall gates.

The parking area was underground of course, so we had to cross a slope and reach down, the walls were painted bright yellow and there were patches of green to show the depth and contrast of the wall which wouldn’t really attract a lot of attention if plain white. The ceiling height was more than 3/4 meters and the area of the parking lot was quiet huge. Some of the tubelights were blinking while the others highlighted the slots very beautifully.

But even if there were people there and the lightings were done carefully, I somehow felt oppressed. After walking for a while, we took a lift and finally reached the upper floor. We did a lot of shopping and ate in a nice food court, I enjoyed my day with my family and finally found myself sitting on a wooden bench in the open foyer. It was evening time and the sun’s glow was still present in the violet sky full of floating clouds.

The distributed small gardens all around me and the big fountain area in the center relaxed my mind and soothed my tired body, the fresh air itself was lulling me to sleep. But soon it was time to do back, so me and my family reluctantly went back to look for our black SUV.

When we reached for our car parked in the basement, I felt it, again, that hollow feeling that seeped in my heart as if I was trapped, making me feel gloomy. What was this feeling? Even after reaching home I was still confused. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized what it was, it made me chuckle inwardly.

It is said that there are five elements which supports us throughout our life…Air, Water, Land, fire and Sky/Ether (Non-matter, void or magic). Without one of these elements our life is nothing. In our day to day lives we are so busy, that we never really stop to praise the beauty of nature, the beauty which is there but we are so busy with ourselves that we tend to ignore it. The reason why I felt so weird in the basement was because there was no opening (Ether/sky), there was no natural garden (Present with water and land), there was also no warmth, nor life.


The basement incident is in no way related to the elements present around us, but it presented me with a lesson of life, it paved a way for my thoughts to take a different turn. I understood why we humans tend to get so frustrated just sitting in the house or in our office, that is because we were meant to live amongst the nature and be free. We fully understand the importance of these five elements, but the technological evolution has led us to a different world.

When one is presented with a concrete mansion on one hand and a small cottage with beautiful landscaping on the other, the person might chose the second one, because we hope for a balanced environment, it looks beautiful and refreshing. Then why are we destroying the balance of nature by mining, deforestation, poaching and pollution?


Humans are greedy, we don’t really think about our future if presented with a favorable present, but we are also the only ones who could actually understand what’s around us, nobody but ‘us’ is the key to either destruction or creation of a better world. That’s why I am saying, the elements of life, the nature exists, but we cannot really see it, the day we start noticing it, will be the day we truly advance in science and technology, because that will be the day when we will be able to create a perfect balanced idea without any negative side effects, unlike a refrigerator full with chlorofluorocarbons, a bomb full of radioactive materials or a diesel engine emitting CO2.

We aren’t the mightiest, but every being has an impact on the society, let’s hope that impact has a positive result and we live in a harmonious balance, together with Nature.



5 thoughts on “They exist, yet many can’t see them.

  1. Belated happy birth day !
    You are sensitive at heart, your fear vanish if you will have spiritual insight about life.

    Beautiful post, after years when you will look back read this post, your day will be illumined . Thanks for recording wonderful memories as a post.

    You write direct from heart, keep sharing

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  2. Redeeming Luv Greetings to you, Prathmasingh

    Very informative. Your point is a very valid one.

    The human body is a great thermostat. So if one has to spend some time in such an underground environment, it should adjust itself to suit that condition for as long as possible, and, of course, with no little discomfort.
    God bless you.

    Redeeming Luv

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