True Bond.

Often we meet and often we speak,

but it is not everyday that we get the time to be together.

So does that makes me feel hollow?


No, their presence in my heart itself is a feeling callow.

Stepping up through the wobbly stairs,

Not possible without a push of a friendly care.

Friends are the most important,

never could be forgotten.

In school I wasn’t the most loved one, nor the most most popular…it might had been the reason why people walked away from me. But I was still happy, why? Because even though I had a few friends, they were the most supportive of all. People always told me to join the big group as it was considered being in the elite class, and I used to say,

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall. I am happy where I am, I don’t change for people and never would I leave my best friends, ever.”

I know my words weren’t exactly very moral boosting, neither cruel, nor very sensible, but it was something I had learned all along. You don’t just change yourself just to fit in, because there will always be someone who would be just like you, in search of a true friend. And fake friendship could not even compete with the true ones.

I remember that I had a few friends who left me and decided to change, forever. I did not get them back, there was no hope. I knew it was wise to just let go, but my heart couldn’t settle for betrayal, yet I stood straight and faced the outcome. It was another such time when one of my best friends left me, I thought all was lost, we did not talk much, nor we called. But you know what a surprise it was when one day she just came at my doorsteps, just to greet me on my birthday, when I wasn’t even celebrating. At that time I realized that the bond of friendship surely loosened at times, but never tore apart just like that. Sure it wasn’t always the case, but a friend could never be forgotten, may it be in the past or the present, despite how we left off.

On friendship’s day, I posted a poem on Facebook, it wasn’t really the most beautiful one, but the feelings underneath each words were true.


Friends might not be the best, might not be the most intelligent, might not be the most polite, they could be aggressive, irrational and even intolerable, but despite their many flaws, they are the best of all.

This post goes to friendship.


10 thoughts on “True Bond.

  1. We all need acknowledgement and affirmation for being worth in this world. And forgot to love the self, we need compassion for self then anybody else needed. So cheers fall in love with self, because it’s you who is going to live with self till last breath. Is it not ?

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  2. It’s so touching! maybe because i had exactly the same experiences at home. It does feel bad when your best friend leaves you for no reason.It’s more painful when misunderstandings crop up. I am still waiting for them to come back and ever ready to apologise.

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