Afraid of the light?

Ever felt scared of the light? Ever doubted it?

The answer is no.

People aren’t afraid of the light, they are afraid of the dark. All the monsters of hell, all the demons within our minds always make appearance in the dark. They always scare us when the darkness consumes us, darkness is not materialistic, it is within our own minds.

Loneliness and darkness always go hand in hand. When you are in the dark and are alone, that is when the most horrible of things happen to us. We fear our future, just one bad cause and we go into depression. We shroud in our own dark self and loath our lives, we become depressed. All the wars, the fights, the stress, the hatred, the malice…everything happens because we love to turn a blind eye towards the path of right. Then what should we do?


The answer is simple, we should see the light. Light enlightens us with the truth, it is the reason why we often fear the light…because light shows us our true self and by light I mean, the enlightenment, the truth. Light shows us the reality.

According to me, darkness is not what we fear, we fear the light peeking through the dark crevices that will show us the grim reality. We fear the truth. So yes, we are afraid of the light.

So embrace the fact that we aren’t perfect, we will never be, but that is who we are. We should accept what has happened and move on, we don’t need to get depressed about it or reason the cause when nothing could be done to change it. We should enjoy the light that comes our way, that is life, our future, the truth.

So ever felt scared of the light?

The answer is the truth,



11 thoughts on “Afraid of the light?

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