Things I learned from College

I am now out of fresh ideas on what to write. Those who read my blog tell me to write more, but you know how it is sometimes…you just don’t know what to write. So after a lot of thinking, I decided to write what I learned from college.

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These are the following things I noticed from my life in college,

  1. The first year is always exciting, especially the first day, when I was dying to know how the college system works. But then it turns out that it was nothing special, just me getting more freedom with my life and enjoying it like a good young adult.
  2. Then I searched for friends like I had in school, but I was still new to everything and felt awkward around new people, so the first few days were awkward in total.
  3. For those who were very talkative, they easily fit around with the rest of the class, but as I am a shy person, I had to hold up a smile constantly and try to fit in with the rest.
  4. College gives us freedom which is a very new idea when you have just got in and passed from school. This freedom is enjoyable to some extent, I got to bunk a few times, but that got my attendance to a new low and I had to do all the classwork and homework together which was a headache. And this freedom let me realize that I was no more in school and now in a few years time, I will have to work and support myself.
  5. Unlike my school, the teachers weren’t a least bit worried if a student was failing or performed bad. This made me realize that nobody will come to support me, what I do with my life and work will be my responsibility and what path I chose will also by my own choice.
  6. My work talks more about me, my talent is always tested in the field I have chosen, which is architecture. So I work hard each day to make myself rise.
  7. I barely got time to watch a single movie as they gave us a lot of homework…now who said that college was easy? And since I work hard, my life becomes hell during the examination days.
  8. Each day is a new day and with each new day you get a new task to complete, so there were times when I felt totally bored with my subject and felt like I couldn’t do the work anymore. Now I wonder what will happen when I start with my job, I am really restless and always get bored if doing the same task everyday, so it might be a difficult time for me in the near future.
  9. For those who live in hostel, college life is always hard, but I won’t know it as I am a day scholar.
  10. I also made many frenemies (Enemies acting like they are my such good friends), as many got jealous of my marks. You meet all kinds of people in college, which has its own benefits.
  11. Fights with people keep occurring and so I had to break up with my two best friends. They showed their true colors after a few months, until then they all acted so sweet…huh, you can’t really trust many people.
  12. The college promise a brighter future ahead if we work hard, but then many say that only a few get to achieve their real goals…so that often scares people. But I am cool with it, I have goals that I won’t lose track of that easily.
  13. College changed me totally. I realized what I really had to do with my life and that made me change my mind. At first I was way too relaxed for my own good, but with each day my resolve keeps growing.
  14. College also kept my arrogance in check, because when I felt like I could achieve anything with little to no work, the professors kept me in line. So I learned that no task is small and knowing the false in your work helps with better work ahead.

College life is just like a phase when we sharpen ourselves and become ready for the future ahead, it is an important step in the ladder which we have to cross, because jumping these steps might result into our downfall.


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