Worth of life?

Once, there was a man who couldn’t reason with his life, he just didn’t know how much his life should be worth of. Was his life as precious as the other’s, or was it just a waste?

So he went to Lord Buddha and asked him how much would his life cost? Lord Buddha just smiled and gave him a precious stone and asked him to ask all around the cost of the stone.stone.jpgThe man nodded and set out to ask various people he knew about the stone. The first one he met was a fruit seller. On being asked the worth of the stone, he looked at his fruits and with a calculative look told him that it was worth 2 bags of oranges.

Next when he went to the cloth seller, he was offered 30 stacks of silk clothing. Still not satisfied with the price, the man traveled to a far away jewelry store and asked the jeweler about the worth of the stone, thinking that he wouldn’t be disappointed. The jeweler just smiled with surprise and offered a chest of exotic gold pieces. The man was now satisfied with it, but just next to the shop, his eyes fell on a diamond store. He entered the store and asked the shop owner about the stone’s price. The shop owner just stood still and looked at it with awe. Next he kept it on the counter table that was covered with a red cloth and bowed down with respect towards the stone.

He then looked at the man and spoke, “This stone is priceless, one cannot vouch for it’s true worth.”

The man took back the stone to Lord Buddha and told him everything. Lord Buddha said, “Now you know what your life’s worth is? Different people observed that stone differently, for the fruit seller it was worth 2 bags of oranges, but for the diamond seller, the stone was priceless. So for different people your life’s worth varies, thus for some, you are more precious than gold, but for some you are nothing but only a human being. So it depends on how you carry yourself and how people view you, so life is something that depends on how we live. One can never tell a life’s worth.”

The man was now satisfied with the answer and so left without saying anything, but his eyes shinned with a new spark, that presented a new beginning of life for him.


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