The Supreme

I was reading Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thieve just to jog through my memories and see how beautifully it was written, I am sure many know about it. By chance my sight fell upon the nearby Hanuman Chalisa (Hindu God) and a thought suddenly appeared.

‘I know more about Zeus and Poseidon than Vishnu or Shiva.’ And that had me ashamed of myself, as a follower of Hindu religion, I know very little about it.

I know many people around me who don’t know anything about the Hindu Gods or the culture they follow, they just acknowledge it because they are born in that religion. Outsiders think that our religion is all about donating in temples and strange rituals, the younger generation thinks it is all about diya and agarbati. Even though, now we are too busy to look much into it and are going towards westernisation, I think we should respect our culture too and encourage its spread like the others, soon we would forget the meaning behind our heritage if we leave it behind, which many of us are, even me.

I thought it was just too lengthy to understand, but after thinking about it, searching about it, I found that it was much more interesting than I thought previously, it went much deeper and had a logic, it’s not just some folklore.

My grandparents know so much about it, but my parents a little and me, very little. So from what I learned from net, I would like to share it with you,

People believe that there is one true God, the supreme spirit, called Brahman (here, I am not referring to the cast system)Brahman has many forms, has a presence in the whole universe, can be called universe itself, and is symbolized by the sacred syllable, OM.

Image result for the brahman universe

Most Hindus believe that Brahman is a present in every person as the eternal spirit or soul, called the aatman.

Then I read, that he has many forms , of which, three are considered at the top of the hierarchy and are well known by all, The Trinity or Trimurthi, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha (Shiva).

Brahma is the creator,Lord-Brahma-wallpaper.jpg

Vishnu is the preserverLord Vishnu on Garuda Wallpaper.jpg

and Shiva with the third eye, is the destroyer.


They are assisted in their duties by their consort Goddesses, namely, Saraswati, Laxmi and Parvati. Functionally, they represent the triple functions of the Brahman.

The part of the supreme God who created us, is known to be Brahma, he is assisted by Saraswati who imparts speech and knowledge to all; Vishnu is the preserver, the second face of the supreme, he is the manager and the ruler who takes care and manages our world, his consort Laxmi helps him financially to manage the system, she is the Goddess of material wealth; and lastly Mahesha/ Shiva, the supreme God’s third face, who destroys everything evil and is assisted by the Goddess Parvati, who is considered the mother Goddess. Shiva may be the destroyer, but he destroys the evil and what is not need, only after the destruction could one construct again right?


Where do they exist?

The deities do exist in space and time, although it is difficult to explain the nature of their existence as well as their true potentials, as they are perceived to be omnipotent and have omnipresence and one couldn’t describe them, as they have a presence and consciousness within the dimensions beyond our belief (ever thought of the seventh or the ninth dimension, I remember that there was a fifth dimension in the movie Interstellar, which was kind of explained to be beyond our race). It is said that yogis like Lord Budha were able to understand and comprehend some part of the nature of these Gods after several years of deep meditation.

There are times when Gods interact with the humans by taking in the forms and language which we would understand, as we are only mere humans who only know a little part of the vastness of the supreme who created us. In layman’s word, we are just programmed machines like AI, actually much inferior, and don’t know anything beyond us, but we still have a presence worthy of praise, that is why we were created, we give meaning to life.

What really intrigues me from the article I read, is that, the Trinity is actually just a branching of the flow of energy from the main Brahman and parts into more sub branches who are deities performing different tasks. So the supreme God is actually the one who without the need to know, knows everything, sees everything. In simpler term, I can say that I can only think about one thing at one time, but the God can actually think everything at the same time and without any effort.

Taking out some time, I read the article thoroughly, although, I didn’t understand much of the logic, but from what I got, I am well aware that these facts opened up my mind and surprised me. I knew about Trinity, but not the Brahman. Hindu Gods are very complex, but at the same time more beautiful than any. The theories and the thoughts behind our culture has a strange mix of thrill, fear and brief logic which gives an insight to our amazing life. I hope to learn more about them, as they are a part of my heritage and society, in this busy modern world, I would like to know more about the origin of the culture I believe in.


Source of facts;

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