Recalling a dream is tough…but why?

All of us dream several times a night and we very rarely remember any of the things that we dream about even after frying our brains out for hours (or a few minutes in my case).

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Thought why we dream is a good question, but I won’t be taking up on that heavy topic. There are many times when I wake up and just after a minute or two forget what I dreamed about. The only dreams I can remember are the nightmares or the ones I last saw and recalled to some extent. And this is the reason I have been asking myself ‘Why so?’.

I am no Einstein so I did the usual net surfing (as I am not the types to sit idle and do nothing). I got across the words lucid dreaming, deja vu, REM, nightmares and many more but it all came back to why we forget some of the dreams while we remember the others. Out of the many articles I read, some of the articles did help me understand the reason…but lo and behold, even those reasons were something that are as of yet not proven, people really don’t know the real reason behind the dreams and why they are so easily forgotten.

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But, there are many speculations out there that seemed closer to the truth and I will go through with each of them. So Number 1,


We are designed to forget our dreams because if we remembered all our dreams, we might not be able to distinguish dreams from the real memories.

Number 2,

When we sleep, our body shuts down systems in our brain responsible for creating memories. So we only remember dreams that occur just before we wake up, when certain brain activities have been turned back on.

Number 3,

Some say our minds don’t actually forget dreams, we just don’t know how to access them.

Number 4,

During sleep, unlike when we are awake, we are not trying to remember anything, thus the events of the dreams are forgotten easily.

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The dreams that we do remember are the ones that happen when we are only in a light sleep, or which are still happening when we wake up. And we remember more nightmares because they are often more interesting than a normal happy dream. They alarm our unconscious brain and this means it stores away some of what we dream of.

So our brain is the one which does all the work and is the most difficult to understand, reason why not much is clear about dreams and the rest alike. (So don’t mess with a brain, remember the nightmares it gave you.)


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