Who I Am…


Hi everyone! My name is Prathama Singh (‘prathama’ is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘First’) and I am currently pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. I was a science student in high school and am currently writing a Fiction-fantasy Novel for Young Adults.

I love many things to do, I play piano, do tattoo designing and sketching, I prefer subjects like Science, Geography, English and Astronomy. I have great interest in reading Manga and fiction novels, not even a good scolding can get me to leave my dear reads.

I have watched various movies ranging from Drama to Action and from Documentary to Science Fictions. I even have special interest in getting to know people and their culture from around the world. So¬†from everything I have listed above, you can say that almost everything holds my interest, but of course…I have a lot to see and have got a lot to learn.