Recalling a dream is tough…but why?

All of us dream several times a night and we very rarely remember any of the things that we dream about even after frying our brains out for hours. Only nightmares or a few good ones do we remember. But why so? … More Recalling a dream is tough…but why?


The Supreme

I was reading Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thieve just to jog through my memories and see how beautifully it was written, I am sure many know about it. By chance my sight fell upon the nearby Hanuman Chalisa (Hindu God) and a thought suddenly appeared. ‘I know more about Zeus and Poseidon than Vishnu … More The Supreme

Worth of life?

Once, there was a man who couldn’t reason with his life, he just didn’t know how much his life should be worth of. Was his life as precious as the other’s, or was it just a waste? So he went to Lord Buddha and asked him how much would his life cost? Lord Buddha just … More Worth of life?

My Grandfather (Nanaji) : A man of wisdom

A wise man is someone who understands and has the ability to act accordingly using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. My grandfather was one such person. There are people who don’t become famous even by doing good deeds, but they are respected and well known by the people who will always remember them. My … More My Grandfather (Nanaji) : A man of wisdom

Remembering the importance of Teacher’s day…

This blog goes to all my teachers who taught me since the start, not only to them but even to those who are still teaching me. I have studied at various places, Montessori school (Kolkata), Adarsh Vidyallay (Gurgaon), Spring field high school (Mumbai), Mayoor School (Noida) and I am currently in Sharda University (Greater Noida). … More Remembering the importance of Teacher’s day…